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A Bit About Me

Academic experience:

I have a BA in Nutritional Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew university since 1991.
did my Internship at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv.
I hold a master's degree from the medical school at the Department of Physical Anthropology in Tel Aviv University. As part of my master's degree, I published two articles in scientific journals. 
I worked for 2 years at the "Rabin" hospital ("Beilenson") during the years 1993-1995.

I worked at "Clalit" Health Services for 24 years, of which 18 years I headed the diet service in the Sharon Region. In 2014 I received an award for being an outstanding manager.

I worked in the "Glandt Center" for 4 years, where I started implementing the ketogenic diet, especially for diabetic patients, together with a multidisciplinary team.

Today I work at the Diabetes Medical Center (DMC). 

I volunteer as the chairwoman of the Israeli Dietetic Association "Atid", where I contribute to the professional development of dietitians and work towards promoting their professional status.

I've participated in advanced training in a variety of courses and conferences, such as:

  • Diabetes Courses of the National Diabetes Council

  • Kidney disease course of "Atid".

  • Therapy skills courses - patient empowerment, feedback theater, and motivational interview.

  • Annual conferences of "Atid"

  • Nutrition Conferences- Low -carb Denver and Low-carb USA.


I run a blog that has 5,000 followers.

I share my knowledge and recipes with colleagues and patients. 

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